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Model 3234-HD-3ST High Production Tube End Forming Machine

Tube End Forming 



The model 3234-HD-3ST is a semi-automatic tube end forming machine. This unit has a form capacity up to 5" (127.0mm) diameter tube. The clamp and form cylinder generate up to 57 tons of force. This unit is similar to the model 3212-sa-2p except for the forming capacity. It is ideal for heavy wall tube or pipe. Tooling changeover is a matter of a few minutes. It also has a tube stop assembly controlled by air and utilizes 12 volts on all electrical controls. This unit also produces marr free product. A plc also controls all manual and automatic sequences. All 3000 series swagers utilize multi diameter clamp collars. This unit also operates with (2) palm buttons. It is self contained and operates on 230/440 volts, 3 phase.


Tube End Forming   Tube End Forming


§         Unit similar to 3212-SA-2P except forming capacity is much greater

§         Unit will expand, reduce, flare or flange heavy duty pipe up to 5" (127mm) o.d.

§         Plc system to control all manual and auto cycles

§         230-440 volts, 3 phase, 50/60 cycle

§         3000 psi maximum hydraulic system pressure

§         70 tons of clamp forces

§         70 tons of forming forces

§         24 volt proximity switches

§         (2) 24 volt palm buttons

Tube End Forming Machine