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Model 3234-SADEH2P High Production Tube End Forming Machine

Tube End Forming 



The model 3234-SADEH2P is a high production tube end forming machine that can form both ends of the tube simultaneously. Form cycles can vary depending on the size of motor, reservoir and gpm pump size. It has a plc system that controls all manual and auto cycle. It operates with (2) palm buttons of 24 volts. It is electrical driven, hydraulic powered. The particular unit shown flanges both ends in one cycle of about 7 seconds. With proper tooling, other end forming operations can be accomplished


Tube End Forming   Tube End Forming

  • Double ended high production tube end forming machine
  • Plc system for all manual and auto operations
  • 230-440 volts, 3 phase, 50/60 cycle
  • 25 hp electric motor
  • (2) hydraulic pumps in tandem
  • 3000 psi maximum hydraulic system pressure
  • 20 tons of forming pressure
  • 30 tons of clamping forces
  • 100 psi shop air for tube stop assembly
  • Double ended forming simultaneously
  • With proper tooling machine can bead, flare, flange, expand or reduce
  • (2) 24 volt palm button operation
  • A & b tool stations
  • All controls mounted on panel
  • (2) station form time of approx 8 seconds
  • Can utilize one end, both ends, one tool station or both tool station as needed
  • All tooling made from tool steel and heat treated
  • Adequate oil supply for production runs
Tube End Forming Machine
Tube End Forming Machine
Tube End Forming Machine

This video shows single station only