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Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER - Low Production Tube Expanding Machine

Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER 



The model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER is a low production tube expanding machine. It is air/hydraulic operated and is capable of expanding 11/2" (38.1mm) diameter tube to 3" (76.2mm) diameter. It has an air/hydraulic pump that has a foot pedal to activate the pump. This unit operates at 6000 psi of hydraulic pressure with 100 psi of shop air. It is pull type expansion and a spring advances the arbor after forming. This unit can be hand held or bench mounted. It is used for expanding or forming beads only. This is a very economical unit but very low production.


 Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER  Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER

  • Unit is air over hydraulic powered
  • 100 psi shop air
  • Will expand or bead with proper tooling
  • Can be hand held or bench mounted
  • Minimum tube diameter - 11/2" (38.1mm) x .09 (2.4mm) wall thickness
  • Maximum tube diameter - 5" (127mm) x .049 (1.24mm) wall thickness
  • Maximum operating pressure 100 psi
  • Maximum tonnage at 100 psi - 16.2 tons of force
  • Pulling action to form
  • Micro dial setting for precise tube expansion
  • I.d. or o.d. expansion
  • Tapered mandrel for expansion
  • Spring return to collapse tooling
  • All tooling heat treated for strength and wear
Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER

Model 8500 HAN-X-PANDER