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Pre-Engineered Designs

Model 8516-A-SR-ES Tube End Forming

This unit is a high production unit that will expand or reduce tube in increments up to 1/2 inch from its original diameter. It is electrical driven and hydraulic powered. Sufficient tonnage is provided to allow for the length and wall thickness of tube to be formed. Expansions and reductions can be achieved in seconds. Simply supply AMH with your forming specifications and we can design the unit and tooling to meet your quality and production needs.

All AMH tooling is made from alloy steel or tool steel and heat treated for long wear life.

Segmented tooling can be adjusted to form and hold tolerances within .005 to .010


The reducing tooling is dropped In for forming. 24 volt adjustable Proximity switches Control the stroke of the cylinder which controls the Diameter of reduction

A pushing arbor Allows for longer forms on smaller diameters and Precise tolerances


A 24 volt foot pedal controls the automatic form cycle.

The control center houses a plc system that controls all electrical cycles. Two control switches on the panel controls the left or right form heads. Also to operate in the manual cycle

This video illustrates expansion
This video illustrates reducing