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Pre-Engineered Designs


Combination Tube Swedger / Expander
Model RCP-8513-A-SR-ES

This unique model is an expanding and reducing unit with two separate forming heads. Both heads operate in the manual or automatic forming cycles. This unit expands or reduces with segmented tooling. Precise forming tolerances can be adjusted where solid forming tooling cannot. The stroke of the hydraulic cylinders will determine the desired forming tolerances. This unit is completely self contained with its hydraulics and control systems. Each station is designed to meet the customer’s needs. The diameters and depth or length of forming is calculated to insure the required tonnage is supplied with each unit.

Solid Tooling 

Segmented Tooling

With Coned End


The control switches are mounted in a panel with a PLC to activate the designated forming station desired. Manual or Automatic



Reducing cycle is controlled by proximity switches. Approximately 2-3 seconds.


The Expanding cycle is controlled by a time cycle programmed in the PLC approximately 3-4 seconds. Both in Auto cycle.


 Foot Pedal


Simply depress the foot pedal and the selected form station is activated. This is the automatic form cycle.



The Reducing segmented tooling is mounted on a plate and dropped in place in seconds.

The Expanding tooling is installed in seconds

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