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Pre-Engineered Designs


Below are some videos of the more popular machines made by AMH. After viewing the videos, click on the references for each machine for more detailed pictures, descriptions and specifications. If you do not see a machine with an application for you specific production needs, give us a call. We custom design and build our machines to meet your production requirements.

Bellows Liquid Hydro Metal Forming

  • HFBH-9501A

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This model is a unique one of a kind production bellows-liquid-hydro metal forming machine for high volume bellow production.  It is ideal for high production and one bellow can be formed in 5 to 20 seconds depending on diameter and length of tube. Read more >>>


  • HFBV-9204-A

This model is another production bellows-liquid-hydro metal forming machine. This particular unit forms in the vertical position and can produce a part in about 8-12 seconds. Read more >>> 


Mechanical Bellows Metal Forming

  • 9000-A2P

This mechanical bellows metal forming machine forms in the vertical position. This particular unit can form a tube nine feet in length.


  • 9000-A Series

This mechanical bellows metal forming machine forms in the vertical position.


This video demonstrates the Bellows Re-roll Machine.



 Production Tube End Forming

This video demonstrates a Heavy Wall Pipe Flanging Machine

Model 3200

Tube Flanging Machine with specialized tooling

  •  3134-A-2ST-2P

This tube forming unit is one in a series of the model 3000 end formers.  Not all videos shown on the website with specifications. These videos are for reference only.


  • 3212-A-2ST

This model is designed for tube flaring and flanging.  One end or both ends can be formed simultaneously. All controls are mounted on an easy access control panel. 


  • 3234-SADE2P

This unit is a semi-automatic tube end forming machine. It will expand, reduce, flare, flange or bead the ends of tubes. This unit allows for precision forming since the form stroke is controlled by proximity switches. 

Video shows single station only!


  • 3234-HHD-3ST

This model is designed for swaging or pointing heavy wall pipe. The diameter of reduction is controlled in stages. All controls are mounted on an easy access control panel. A tube stop is attached in order to repeat the exact length of reduction. Read more >>> 


 Segmented Expanding

  • RCP 8175-A
Large Tube Expanding and Beading.

This video demonstrates the expanding and beading of large tubing.

RCP 8556

This machine will expand and bead tube from 2" up to 21"

  • RCP-8500-HCA

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The model is a special high production tube bead machine. This unit can bead a tube in about 3 seconds. The beads are formed on time cycles and the clamp assembly utilizes a 24 volt proximity switch and foot pedals to initiate the form cycle. This is one in a series of high production tube beading machines  Read more >>>


  • ANC-A

The model is a special production louvered cutting machine. This unit cuts louvers in tubes in straight cuts and spiral. This unit is not shown on the website. It is mainly to illustrate the various capabilities of AMH. It can be produced on request.