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Pre-Engineered Designs


bellows air trimming tool 


Mechanical Metal Forming Equipment

AMH has designed a unique air tool with a special attachment to trim the tangents of formed bellows assemblies. This tool eliminates the need of Tin Snips. The accuracy of this tool is precise and repeatable. Very easy and simple to set up. Will save hours of labor in trimming a variety of diameters and wall thickness can be trimmed. Questions? Contact us.




As noted on this photo, the setting up the space between the bearing and the first convolution is very simple. The bearing is adjustable from 1/4” up to 2” and more if specified. A square and a scale is all that is needed to establish a fixed position for consistent tangent length


Once the distant is set, simply start at an angle and move into the convolutions until the bearing makes contact with the con. and position the air tool parallel with the con’s and the results are consistent and square. The wall thickness may require a stronger air tool. AMH must be aware of this when ordering

Many proprietary features are not illustrated in this flier for obvious reason. Our units are in work around the world. The use of bellows applications are increasing very quickly. The competition is growing rapidly and the need for quality, simple and productive machinery is needed to compete in today's marketplace. Companies who have been in the bellows industries for many years are improving their capabilities with AMH machines. AMH can also provide you with high precision welding systems for welding thin wall small diameters. Contact AMH for further information.