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In many cases, AMH is willing to sell our detailed drawings to a specific customer. The reason for this is economics. When companies are not budgeted to purchase production equipment, buying our engineering and producing it themselves becomes economical.

When we sell our engineering, it is a complete package. The package includes a bill of materials on an auto-cad CD. It also includes detailed service and maintenance manuals, which contain all electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic information.

AMH will only sell engineering materials to companies that are going to build the product in-house. Companies must sign a non-disclosure and responsibility acceptance agreement.

Click here to view some of our more popular machines. If you have a complex metal forming problem, let AMH be your solution and provide you with our expert consultation services. Our innovative ideas and expert designs have helped hundreds of companies solve complex production-related metal forming problems.

For a free initial consultation or if you would like to purchase the designs for one of our machines, please contact us for pricing and additional details.

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