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“NOBE” Box Frame

Industrial hydraulic press machines in various configurations.
Industrial tube expanding and mounting equipment.

“NOBE” Box Frame


The Nobe presses are box frame hydraulic presses that can be designed for various uses. Our customers can select from various box sizes to mount their specific tooling for their application. These unique presses are completely self-contained and portable. The presses are mounted on steel or polyurethane casters. They can be used in a shop or clean room environment. Most models utilize a P.L.C. system to operate the manual or automatic cylinder stroke 24 volt proximity switches are used to acquire exact and precise stroke control. Two palm buttons are also utilized for added operator safety. The speed of the press can also be designed to meet customer requirements. AMH also designs each press to meet the required tonnage for each client. Manual models are also available on request. Please review the various features that are illustrated on our pictured models and call AMH so we can assist you in acquiring the exact Nobe that suits your specific applications.


Box Internal Dimensions  Variable, to customer specifications 
Ram Speed Variable, normally 1 to 6 inches/sec
Ram Tonnage Variable, normally up to 100 tons
Tooling Adaptation

Swaging, expanding, and forming, die set options

ControlsAutomatic, semi-automatic, manual, foot pedal,  “Hands-off” safety feature recommended
Power Input220 volts to 440 volts, single or 3 phase 50 or 60 HZ
ConstructionMachine frame quality steel throughout. Tooling A2 heat-treated tool steel typical. electrical components U.L. approved and meet national and J.I.C. machine tool safety standards

Tooling Options

Blue industrial hydraulic press machine.

Die Set Alternatives

Industrial hydraulic press machine.

Expanding with “Peeler Plate” to remove part from tool